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From Descartes to Vanhoozer: A Search for a Firm Foundation, by Simon Jooste, Part 2

28 September, 2007

“Flex” in the foundation: Cultural-linguistic insights of George Lindbeck Jooste family

The cultural linguistic approach of George Lindbeck finds its home in the Western theological movement called “postliberalism” and has roots in the (not so homogenous) “Yale School.” At its heart, the postliberal agenda is anti-foundational (rejects the notion of a universal foundation of knowledge), communitarian (in so far as it appeals to “the values, experiences, and language of a community, rather than prioritizing the individual”), and historicist (“in that it insists upon the importance of traditions and their associated historical communities in the shaping of experience and thought”).
Leaning on the insights of William C. Placher, Alister McGrath helps identify the three fundamental features of post-liberal thought, which include the following :
(1) the primacy of narrative as an interpretive category for the Bible;
(2) the hermeneutical primacy of the world created by biblical narratives over the world of human experience;
(3) the primacy of language over experience.
To locate Lindbeck in the postliberal movement is to be better understand his cultural-linguistic approach to theology.

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