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From Descartes to Vanhoozer: A Search for a Firm Foundation, by Simon Jooste, Part 3 (Conclusion)

18 October, 2007

Regulation of proposition and practice: The canonical-linguistic approach of VanhoozerSimon

The nature of Vanhoozer’s canonical-linguistic approach to Scripture has already been explicated to a large degree by way of his critique of foundationalism and George Lindbeck’s cultural-linguistic approach to theology. Vanhoozer would affirm with Lindbeck that foundationalism is a failed enterprise and that the linguistic turn has forced the church to recognize her situatedness in time, culture and language. However, in contrast to Lindbeck, Vanhoozer does affirm a place for the proposition and locates the regulative norm for doctrine in canonical (versus church) practices. It is to Vanhoozer’s use of canonical practices that we now turn. A look at Vanhoozer’s use of canon as regulating norm both rounds out our description of his approach and provides the much needed balance in erecting a foundation of confidence for the church today. Read more…


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