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29 November, 2007

WSC LogoAs said in a previous post, Westminster Seminary California has a new Morning Devotions Podcast. There were some glitches in the beginning, but those seem to have been worked out now (thanks to CorC’s Matt–he’s the audio guy at WSC), so, if you tried previously to subscribe but failed, give it another try. Delete the podcast in your iTunes and re-subscribe.

Here is the link for iTunes.

Or, check out the WSC Audio page.

About the WSC Morning Devotions Podcast: Members of the faculty and guest pastors preach for about 15-30 minutes twice a week, bringing the Word of God to the WSC community in a way that is very applicable and exemplary to students of the Word.

During the fall of 2007, typically Tuesday morning devotions are brought by Dr. Hywel Jones, a Welshman whose passionately Gospel-centered preaching is sure to stir up faith in and affection for Christ in any true believer. Dr. Jones has had a faithful and distinguished Gospel ministry and served in the past as assistant to the late D. Martin Lloyd-Jones. This semester he is preaching a series on “Our Lord’s Sayings from the Cross.”

Thursday morning devotions are given by a different faculty member each week and are very helpful as they preach Christ from all the Scriptures. This semester the faculty is preaching through 1 & 2 Kings.


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