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Westminster Seminary California News

17 December, 2007

A couple important updates concerning the latest goings-on at WSC:

There’s a conference January 18-19 (soon!) on campus on the theme, Missional and Reformed: Reaching the Lost and Teaching the Reached. This conference will explore the relationship between the mission and marks of the Church, affirming that Reformed Christianity is missional. This should be great.

missional and reformed

strimpleAlso Robert Strimple‘s Systematic Theology lectures are available on mp3. The content and the presentation of these lectures are phenomenal–they’re already being employed to the glory of God in the instruction of his Church in at least 37 countries all around the world on CD format. Here’s a perfect chance to get in on the action.

  1. 17 December, 2007 11:40 pm

    Brian Blake informs me that Dr. Strimple preached a wonderful sermon yesterday (Dec. 16,2007) at Escondido OPC (
    I hope the recording will be available soon.

  2. 18 December, 2007 6:18 pm

    Dr Strimple was fantastic…have not heard him in soooooooo very long….he apologized for using a chair…..what a humble saint

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