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The Good Confession: Hagan Kelly on Hyde’s Membership Workbook, Chapter Two

26 March, 2008

haganHagan is a competitive surfer now living in Southern California, and a longtime friend of Phil’s. Here’s Hagan’s thoughts on the second chapter of Danny Hyde’s great new book, The Good Confession. You can find Inwoo Lee’s take on Chapter One here. Thanks Hagan!

I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.” (2 Cor 12:15)

Daniel Hyde, pastor of the Oceanside United Reformed Church, opens his book with this fine dedication from Scripture. From start to finish The Good Confession carries the warmth of this tone as Rev. Hyde writes to his friends and congregation. This is a book you don’t read in one sitting: This is a study on the huge happiness and wonder and glory of the Christian faith. So this is a book about the glory of God! That said I am pleased to have it as our curriculum for the new members class at the Oceanside United Reformed Church.

I was fascinated as I read over chapter 2 in order to prepare for this writing, it is entitled, The Attributes of God. Pastor Hyde writes, ‘As Christians, God himself calls us to know him with our minds so that we might know him experientially with our hearts.’ It’s lines such as these that really get my mind buzzing-to ponder what exactly it means to ‘know’ God.

The premise of chapter 2 in The Good Confession is “The Thrill of Theology.” Pastor Hyde writes, “What is the God that we Christians talk about so much like?” Of course, the answer is beautiful. After a survey of article 1 of the Belgic Confession of Faith we are asked to go over the following attributes of God, one by one. What is it that we mean when we say that God is: One, Simple, Spiritual, Eternal, Incomprehensible, Invisible, Immutable, Infinite, Almighty, Perfectly wise, Just, and good? The only answer is in Scripture.

And this is the very point Reverend Hyde does well to drive home. He wants us to know what it is that makes us different as Christians than the adherents of all other religions: it is what we believe! We believe that our God is Immutable; he is not capricious like the god of Islam. And we believe our God is Invisible; he isn’t the crazy eighty-armed blue elephant like our Hindu friends may have framed above their dining room table. No. But our God is the Almighty. He does all things according to the council of his holy will. He is simple; both ‘just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus Christ.’ Yes, he is incomprehensible: three persons and one true God. He truly is the One who sent his Son to be virgin born, and to suffer under Pilate, and to die upon Calvary’s cross (though sinless he was); and to be buried, who on the third day raised him up again to sit in the glory that is ever his. He is coming again to judge the living and dead. It is this day we Christians look to. We look to the hope laid out before is in Scripture by the word of our good God. It is he alone who shall bring us peace.


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