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‘Pastor as Shepherd’: Featured Audio from Dr. Robert Norris

10 July, 2008

Robert Norris is senior pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Bethesda, MD. This talk was given as norrispart of the 2006 Den Dulk lectures he gave at WSC.

To listen, just click here or on the Featured Audio widget to the right.

‘…Our biblical identity as pastors is not simply that of proclaiming God’s Word–though it is certainly that. But the reality is that our vocation — the call that we have from God, the Word of God that directs the nature of that call — reminds us that between Lord’s Days we are still the Lord’s people. And as a consequence, what we do between Sundays is important.

There is a distinction between what pastors do on Sundays and what we do between Sundays. What we do on a Sunday hasn’t changed through the centuries: it is the proclaiming of the gospel, it is the teaching of the Scripture, it is the celebrating of the sacrament, it is the offering and the leading in prayer.But the work between Sundays has changed, and it has changed radically….’


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