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Featured Audio: W. Robert Godfrey on Psalm 91

30 July, 2008

From the President’s Chapel: Closing Devotions for 2007/8 at WSC.

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  1. 30 July, 2008 2:07 pm

    I listened to the entire message by Dr. Godfrey. I did not take notes. In this paragraph is a nutshell summary, a water-colored painting, so to speak, as opposed to an exact photograph, of what he said. God is our home. Nothing will prevent God from accomplishing His work within us. No matter what happens to us, God is our God.

    Dr. Godfrey referred to the suffering of Christians in China and Burma and elsewhere as a reason why we should be careful not to expect from God too much deliverance from specific problems.

    It is safe to talk that way. We do not face objection by those who say: “My brother died in a motorcycle accident” or “My mother died of cancer.” All of which I am very sympathetic, having chosen these examples of what actually happened in my wife’s family and my family.

    But, there has got to be something more than making Psalm 91 so general that it can be seen as true no matter what does happen here on earth.

    If I am scared about deadly pestilences, terrors, violence, destruction, evil, or other specific earthly dangers, is there no promises here in Psalm 91 that can give me comfort?

    We don’t need Psalm 91 to tell us that God’s Will will be done. We don’t need Psalm 91 to tell us that God is our home or that He is our God.

    We need Psalm 91 when we are scared to death about very real, specific present dangers that we face. We run to Psalm 91 for comfort and assurance of God’s protection. And, God gives us that comfort and protection.

    Let the Chinese and Burmese Christians speak for themselves as to whether Psalm 91 should be so generalized or whether Psalm 91 specifically and accurately describes their own experience as to how God has comforted and protected them. But, in my 55 years, I can testify and confirm the simple, plain truth of Psalm 91 and its application to the many specific dangers that I have faced. God indeed does care about every one of the specific earthly dangers that we face. God does indeed comfort and protect us from each danger. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But the LORD delivers him out of them all”. Psalm 34:19.

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