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A Spiritual Oasis in the High Desert

28 August, 2008

My family and I just returned from a very refreshing drive to a  remote mining town in Nevada called Battle Mountain (gold country). We went primarily for the purpose of getting my friend and OP stud Brad Kelly’s home ready for sale. So a little paint here (Alisia is a pro), a little crown moulding there, plus a walk-in master closet and so forth.

Brad has a wonderful story of how the Lord saved him from a life of pure waste to bring him into the kingdom of the Son of his love where he would go on to accomplish more than the average yahoo and now he’s attending my favorite seminary. It’s a wonderful story that I plan to unfold in a soon coming post. While I was there Brad talked the OPC minister Dan Patterson into letting me preach at the Battle Mountain congregation. That church was one of the warmest and most Bible-gobbling churches I have ever come across in my short career of exhorting. My wife and I were refreshed by their hospitality.  Wonderful Spirit filled fellowship in the most Klinian sort of way.  And both of us were very impressed with Rev. Dan Patterson’s character. Never an ill word spoken out of his mouth. Very careful even during conversation over controversies.   Christ-centered in all of his speech and conduct. His wife, four boys, and a new daughter are just lovely.  Plus my 4 year old daughter can’t make up her mind as to which of his four boys she would like to marry.  It seems to be a toss up between 4 year old Caulin and 7 year old Killian.I plan to interview Rev. Dan in a few days or so.  He’s a good minister with lots of good things to say.

Brannan’s off to Rome to give Chaos’ regards to the Pope. Stay tuned for these new posts about the wonderful OPC work in Battle Mountain and a review of Dennis (the Great) Johnson’s ‘Him We Proclaim’ by WSC seminarian and OPC intern Brian Blake.



  1. Wes Mason permalink
    29 May, 2009 12:56 pm

    Please forward Brad my email. He and I were in the AF together in the UK and now we are brothers in Christ. I wondered what happened to him since he left politics.

    • Brad Kelley permalink
      29 May, 2009 4:08 pm

      I don’t have your email address, Wes, as I’m not certain an attempt was made to fwd your address to me. Mine has been the same for about 3 years now.

      Dude, glad you discovered C or C and received the update on what’s happening out our way at the home church, as well as with seminary. Phil is correct: Didn’t leave politics, just a different kingdom :). Well, sort of…

  2. 29 May, 2009 2:55 pm

    He hasn’t left politics. He’s a presbyter.
    I’ll email or call him today brother Wes.
    Sure you have the right Brad…?

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