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Great book + Get it by Friday = Five dollars!

26 November, 2008

Danny Hyde‘s engaging and accessible God With Us: Knowing the Mystery of Who Jesus Is is selling for Layout 1the rest of this week (until Friday) for only $5.00. This is 65% off the retail price of $14.00 — That’s only 3 cents per page!

Order it HERE.

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  1. 27 November, 2008 1:38 pm

    I’m pressing my lovely wife to order this ASAP. We’ve actually just begun DH’s earlier work “The Good Confession” after hearing such good things about it from brothers Hagan (who’s on a mission in KC MO 🙂 and Inwoo. “The Good Confession” is a good tool for shaping the understanding of those just entering the Ref’d tradition and a refreshing review for recently graduated seminarians.
    Danny is quite the careful scholar in preparing his work and is very clear but he is also very pastoral in his teaching. For several reasons that Darren was supposed to write a post about (long overdue!) I think this is much better Sunday school material than “Confessing Christ.”
    So… I think DH’s “God With Us” will be the best 5 bucks you’ll ever spend during the holidays.

  2. 6 December, 2008 9:54 am

    Got “God With Us” in the mail.
    So this morning I’m reading the intro, which is a great defense of what to defend, namely, doctrine. DH does a good job answering the “doctrine divides”/ “love unites” objections. Christianity is grounded in a particular message about a particular person. What we know directly bears on how we live…and love.
    This is a great book for family devotions as well as Sunday school or membership class.


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