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15 December, 2008


Tis the season when zillions of Americans (86% of which claim to be ‘Christian’ according to Horton’s “Christless Christianity”) begin to sing in front of each other’s porches ridiculous Hymns like the one below in celebration of ….?

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, A Vision Came to Me.
Twelve Diets Slimming, Eleven Stockings Brimming,
Ten Trees For Trimming, Nine Cash Dispersals,
Eigth Choir Rehearsals, Seven Plates of Dressing,
Six Cards A Blessing, Five Shopping Malls,
Four Manger Scenes, Three Fruitcakes,
Two Evergreens & A Child Born to Set The World Free
(same thing?!)

Well, Lord’s Day after Lord’s Day until Kingdom Come God summons his people together to honor the One who is set apart from and high above things like shopping malls and cash dispersals and whatever else Americans like to celebrate along with a porcelain nativity scene.

“We must know who Christ is, what he has done, and what he is able to do. Othewise faith would be blind conjecture at the best and foolish mockery at the worst.” ~ John Murry Redemption Accomplished and Applied

Obviously American Christianity has slipped beyond blind conjecture into foolish mockery at the worst.

Thankfully, Rev. Danny Hyde of the Oceanside United Reformed Church raises the banner and sets apart the true Savior of the world for us in his recent work titled “God With Us.” I (Chaos)  am very excited to have just received a new volume in the mail and am eager to begin a great journey through this pastoral work.

For a great review go here.


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