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Your church needs this

15 January, 2009


At the URC in Springfield MO, Bert and I are  kicking off our men’s study with 2 Saturdays of breakfast with Dr. Horton.  Sort of. We plan to watch Dr. Horton’s lectures titled  ‘Christless Christianity’ on DVD as a kind of back drop before beginning Danny Hyde’s ‘The Good Confession.’

As a matter of fact, at night after tucking Isabelle in bed, Alisia and I have been alternating between Horton’s “Too Good to be True” ( very personal and super excellent little read!) and our friend Bert’s copy of Horton’s ‘Christless Christianity’ lectures .

I can’t tell you how much satisfaction it gives me to see how engaged my bride is in Dr. Horton’s very relevant message in these lectures. I also can’t begin to communicate how much I miss his lectures in class and his winsome personality on campus at Westminster West .

Get a hold of these.  Your church will thank you.


  1. 16 January, 2009 9:53 am


    Hey, brother! Long time no see. I have been reading Horton’s book _Christless Christianity_ and I am simply staggered by his insight and understanding of American Evangelicalism. It’s been such an encouragement to me in as a father not to allow my instruction of my children to be Christless, but Christ-centered. This book needs to be read by everybody!

  2. 16 January, 2009 6:12 pm

    Hey Rev. DP,
    I meant to call you in response to your email. I’ll try calling you in a few minutes.
    Yeah, I was talking with one of my co-workers who is a sincere AoG christian and fun to work with. I told him that we’re very careful to give Isabelle the ‘law’ or the rules. But she has responded at times with comments like “If I obey then can I go to God’s house to live with Jesus?” Then I have to teach her the good news. No! We get to go to God’s house because Jesus obeyed. That’s why we obey. We belong to him.

    Isabelle misses the kids there in Battle Mountain. Your church does very well at bringing Christ to them.

    I’ll give you a call after I’m done here at the library. I’m in an AoG library. It has EVERYTHING greek and hebrew. So stoked. I just walked in today. I’ll have to get them psyched on Horton. 🙂

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