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Kate Sawyer on Teen Sex and ‘Moral Responsibility’

24 February, 2009

How does a non-Christian educator, who sees the bankruptcy of so much of today’s family, government and school systems for addressing the rampant problems of teen sexuality today, understand the problems and attempt to address the issues?

Here’s a really thought-provoking (though quite disturbing) article in The Times Online UK, pointing up the need and the power — not simply of moral responsibility, which is great and necessary but can never truly redeem — of the gospel of grace.

Moral responsibility: these two words are the crux of the whole problem. Parents hold their hands up in despair, the government pushes the job back to the teachers and no one ends up doing the job properly. No one will take moral responsibility, partly because the very word “moral” is frightening and threatening to a large proportion of our hedonistic, materialistic society and partly because the “responsibility” always lies elsewhere.


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