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The End of Christian America: Jon Meacham in Conversation with Al Mohler

6 April, 2009

brannansmall1I’ve come across a very interesting conversation on ‘Christian America’ and the relationship between faith and politics, Church and State (not exactly the same set of pairs!). Here’s how it’s played out over the last few days, in nonchronological order (i.e., in my order of discovering them):

  • a new Newsweek article from Jon Meacham entitled, The End of Christian America, where he enters into conversation with
  • the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Al Mohler, about his recently published article, The Eclipse of Christian Memory, to which
  • Mohler responds with a follow-up to Meacham’s article, here.

I think probably the most interesting thing about the exchange is that it seems Meacham — a self-described “deeply faulted Episcopalian” — is arguing for the separation of Church and State for the sake of the health, not only of the political order, but for the sake of the health of the theology, practice and mission of the Church.

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