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More Resources on Imputation

16 July, 2009

Here are a few good contemporary pieces about justification on account of Christ’s imputed righteousness, along the lines of John Bunyan’s classical account highlighted in the previous post:

(HT: ReformationINK)

  1. simplecountrypastor permalink
    23 July, 2009 9:19 pm

    Also, “Imputation and Impartation: Union With Christ in American Reformed Theology” by William B. Evans, Wipf and Stock: Eugene, 2008.

    And (although not ‘Reformed’) what about N. T. Wright’s book “Justification”

  2. 23 July, 2009 9:43 pm


    Thanks, I’ll check out Evans; I hadn’t heard of this work, and he’s tackled an important topic to be sure.

    I’ve yet to read Wright’s book on justification, either, but have talked about Wright’s views in the book several times at length with a friend of mine who’s very familiar with (and sympathetic to) Wright. He and I both agree that Wright is not a good go-to guy to get a good treatment of the doctrine of imputation. Wright himself admits elsewhere he’s barely read anything from the classical Protestant tradition on Pauline exegesis, and his understanding of imputation seems to reflect that.


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