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Let Prodigals Come Home … Take It From One

7 April, 2010

Check out this no-nonsense and encouraging article from Abraham Piper, John Piper’s son, entitled, ‘Let Them Come Home‘ — a great article on what to do with prodigal children, from someone who used to be one.

Often, when dealing with the sheep who stray far from the flock, especially if we care about them a lot, we tend to soften the law and moralize the gospel. In other words, we try to cover up their sin, while we suggest that in order for Jesus to accept them back they’ll have to clean up their act first. Neither of these is the way to go, Piper claims, because only the Holy Spirit can convict of sin, and he convicts of real sin, not ‘no big deal’ sin. And only the Holy Spirit can enable and foster faith — not faith in ourselves, but faith in Christ the only Faithful One.

Piper’s main idea? Point them to Christ, consistently, prayerfully, and continually.

  1. 8 April, 2010 2:34 am

    Good words in this article.

    I am a prodigal son.


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