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Just A Few Reformed Resources

Sometimes it’s hard to find solid Reformed resources out there–especially on the web. Here are a just a few diamonds in the rough that we are excited about:

  • Westminster Seminary California
    • Our alma mater.
  • Scott Clark’s Home Page
    • A thorough perusal of Clark’s site discovers a surprising wealth of helpful biblical and Reformed text and audio.
  • ReformationINK
    • Even more ‘wealthy’ than Clark’s site–we don’t know how long it would take to read everything on this site (maintained by Shane Rosenthal, producer of the White Horse Inn radio program), but we do know it would be so worth it.
  • Modern Reformation Magazine
    • Most of the previous issuses of this excellent publication are available at this site. Bon appetit
  • Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet (CWiPP)
    • This site owes much to the work of Dr. Peter Jones, Scholar in Residence and former Professor of New Testament at WSC, who is currently offering a tremendous service to the Church in his unmasking of the quite un-Christian ideas and movements that parade themselves as faith and spirituality in our day.

Blogs and Such

These are just a sampling, of course. Be sure to give us your input on what should be here but isn’t, anything we’ve missed and shouldn’t have, and we’ll keep it in mind. And let us know if you come across something new, and we’ll check it out.

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  1. 12 May, 2009 11:54 am

    Thanks for your website. We just added you to our list of resources at

  2. 13 August, 2013 6:02 pm

    Sorry to approach you via this route, but I cannot seem to find a link anywhere by which I can contact David Stoddard directly. I am a long-time friend of his grandmother, Alleyne Baumgartner, as well as a fellow congregational member. My eldest grandson, now living in San Francisco, has taken a job in Berlin and he and I want to get in touch with David re a church where he can worship. Would you please reply to this message, and also, if appropriate, to my grandson, Blake Irvin whose email address is . He will be leaving for Berlin by the end of this month.


    Dr. Norman Carson
    Professor Emeritus
    Dept. of English
    Geneva College

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