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(p)review: Too Good to Be True

Check out this CreedorChaos-approved book, (p)reviewed here for your reading pleasure; and don’t just take our word for it–our friend Alisia can testify to the biblical helpfulness of this readable counteractive to ‘coffee cup platitudes’:

Michael S. Horton, Too Good to be True: Finding Hope in a World of Hype (Zondervan, 2006)

In a world of hype, we may buy into the idea that through Jesus, we’ll be healthier and toogood.jpgwealthier as well as wiser. So what happens when we become ill, or depressed, or bankrupt? Did we do something wrong? Has God abandoned us?

As a child, Michael Horton would run up the down escalator, trying to beat it to the top. As Christians, he notes, we sometimes seek God the same way, believing we can climb to him under our own steam. But we can’t, which is why we are blessed that Jesus descends to us, especially during times of trial.

In Too Good to Be True, Horton exposes the pop culture that sells Jesus like a product for health and happiness and reminds us that our lives often lead us on difficult routes we must follow by faith. This book offers a series of powerful readings that demonstrate how, through every type of earthly difficulty, our Father keeps his promises from Scripture and works all things together for our good.

After many difficult times in my life, I have often asked God, “Why are you alisia1.jpgallowing this to happen?” Through this book I have learned that God’s providence cannot be discerned and that he is sovereign; I can trust that through his providential plan for my life, he is given glory and that all things work together for the good of God’s people. Instead of trying to discern God’s reasoning behind life’s circumstances, I can now look to the cross and know that death has been conquered and Christ is risen from the dead! I can fully trust that all things, good and bad, are a part of God’s big plan to bring glory to him and to bring me to full faith and trust in him. ~Alisia

Find some other fine writings from Michael Horton HERE!

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